The Ascension Of the Prophet

The Ascension Of the Prophet
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The Spirit of the Lord walks through the Temple, his eyes traveling from one dimension to the next as he sees the condition of his people.

Where Are My Prophets?

He speaks and Heaven rattles with sharp knocking sounds as his voice echoes. God says,
I’ve called you from among them……
I’ve called you out of bed…….
I’ve called you from the slumbering shadows….
I’ve called you from among the living dead

Where Are My Prophets?

We are in a critical juncture in the Body of Christ. Time seems to have stood still, while religious jargons, soothe sayers and pious behavior is running rampant. God is beckoning us to levitate and operate from the Eternal to Earth. Hearing God’s voice cannot be a distant dream but a conversation among two friends that is hidden within the heart and carried out as a plan.

The Lord is waiting for you to say, Speak Lord for your servant is Listening.

You may ask, “Where do we start?” or “How do we begin?”

We start by going back to basic training and establishing order. The body will emerge as it was created to do, when every part is in position and flowing as God intended. We are in a generation where many have the title of prophet, yet not many have been ordained by God as prophets.

Within these pages We are moving from stagnation to development from Declension to Ascension.
Now The Untrained comes to the classroom of the Holy Spirit to be Trained. This is The Ascension of the Prophet.

Come Out from Among them!

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